Responsible Gaming

Whilst the majority of people do gamble within their means, for some gambling can become a problem. We post this section as a reminder to play safe and to play wise.

We want our players to have fun while playing at PLUS BETTING, therefore we encourage responsible gaming. PLUS BETTING offers you the possibility to define your own limits of responsible gaming and give assistance to protect the boundaries you have established for yourself.

We understand that this can be a delicate subject to talk about with family and friends, so our communication on the subject is always handled with the utmost privacy.

Gaming should be a pleasurable experience and a form of entertainment. Borrowing money to play, spending above your budget or using money allocated for other purposes is not only unwise but can lead to significant problems at a later stage for yourself and others around you. We want you to enjoy our website, so bet responsibly and have fun!

Preventing Under Age Gambling

Managing your Expenditure

Limiting your Expenditure

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Do you have a Gambling Problem?

Taking Control


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